It seems Meta hardly ever can meet the GDPR rules of the EU

WhatsApp, a Meta-owned messaging platform with 2 billion active users, has been fined €5.5 for failing to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the EU. This is the third fine for Meta this year, after Irish Data Protection Commission (DPC) announced final decisions on two of enquiries against Meta-owned Facebook, and its social photo-sharing service, Instagram. DPC revealed privacy fines of €210 million for Facebook and another €180 million for Instagram.

But it’s not just Meta that faces compliance problems with the privacy regulation. The General Data Protection Regulation enforces data protection policies and laws throughout the EU with heavy penalties. Last year hit a record with an aggregate of €2.92bn GDPR fines issued across Europe. It seems that supervisory authorities take growing emphasis on ensuring compliance with GDPR regulation imposing a greater amount of fine.